Newsletter 16 – 07/2021


We Replaced Splunk at 100TB Scale in 120 Days – Replace payed tools by other one is always a hard task, lock-in, difficulty in adapting and many other challeging tasks. This post talks about how Groupon replaced its Splunk at a 100TB/Day in only 120 days.

RFC 9000 – QUIC is now RFC 9000 and will be the base of HTTP/3 that we already talked about in a past issue. If you want to be aware of whats coming with the protocol, you should read about it.

How (and why) to become a PostgreSQL contributor – I always recommend posts about how to become a open source contributor because I think a lot of people have questions about it. In this post a PostgreSQL contributor give some tips that can be useful for any project.

12 Common Misconceptions about DynamoDB – DynamoDB is a database with a lot of myths around, this post brings 12 common misconceptions about it.

Product management in infrastructure eng – This is not a new post, but can help you a lot if you work on a infraestructure engineering team. Its always hard to manage your product in this kind of team, this post can give you a north.

How to troubleshoot memory problems in Python – Folks that deal with automatic memory management languages usuallt dont care about memory problems in their applications, but is always worth and good to care about it. This post explains how to troubleshoot memory problems in Python applications.


Have you ever hurt yourself from your own code? – The author has! A great history about it. If you like audio programming you will like it too.

Prosus’s Acquisition of Stack Overflow: Our Exciting Next Chapter – The tech giant Prosus aquired Stack Overflow for U$1.8B, check it.

Why it’s difficult to build teams in high growth organisations – Build teams and keep organisation culture is a hard task on high growth company. This post talks about this problem, and ways of build teams.

Announcing HashiCorp Terraform 1.0 – The popular infrastructure as code tool has released its 1.0 version. Check it.

Note taking in 2021 – I think that note taking is a good habit, Im trying to get used to it, so every post about it I try to read.

How to Give Positive Feedback to Colleagues – with Examples! – End of semester is performance cycle in many companies, so its always nice to read about how to give positive feedback. This post brings a framework called SBIR that can help you giving it.

No code reviews by default – Controversial post and opinion, but its always good to read about other point of view.

My Prometheus is Overwhelmed! Help! – Many engineers usually only install Prometheus, start to using it and one day… It starts to crash & get slow. This post gives you a nice list with the most well known problems that your prometheus can have.

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