Newsletter 17 – 07/2021


Write a time-series database engine from scratch – This post is gold! If you work with any time-series database or loves to know how databases work, this post is for you! A lot of good references too.

Software Architecture Books – A curated list of software architecture books with rantings. It can be especially useful to choose your next book.

Alien Dreams: An Emerging Art Scene – There is an emerging art scene, generative art using deep learning models is growing and this post explains all that you need to know. I already played and created some art, it’s amazing!

Contributing the Go Compiler: Adding New Tilde (~) Operator – A very long post (43 minutes) but fantastic. It covers all that you need to know to start contributing to the Go compiler, this post walk through all the process to add a new operator to the language (A tilde operator), explaining some compiler aspects and giving you a north to begin.

Dropbox Engineering Career Framework – Dropbox has opened its engineering career framework, not only of software engineering, but also eng managers, QA, and much more.

Python behind the scenes #11: how the Python import system works – Python import system is complex and people usually don’t understand how it works. This post explains how it works behind the scenes, and it’s awesome like all posts from this series (that I already shared in previous issues).

Mind the platform execution gap – Build a horizontal platform team is a challenge for many companies around the world. This post gives a nice introduction to it, and if you work if a platform team or want to build one, it’s worth reading.


How to Create Your Very Own Chip-8 Emulator – Chip-8 emulation is the hello world of emulation, if you want a great tutorial to get introduced to this subject, here’s a great one.

Go read list – A lot of interesting things to read and learn about Go.

HTTP server in Ruby 3 – Fibers & Ractors – The author teach how to build four different HTTP servers in Ruby 3 using different concurrency models, and in the final benchmark it to see the differences. Very interesting!

Crafting Interpreters – Crafting Interpreters in my opinion is one of the best books to get started on languages implementations, it helped me a lot when I was studying it. Finally, it got its print versions, but it’ll keep available to read for free online!

What is a GenServer? – When coding Elixir probably you will face GenServers a powerful Elixir tool that can help you solve a lot of kinds of problems. This short guide gives you an introduction to it.

My Prometheus is Overwhelmed! Help! – Many engineers usually only install Prometheus, start to using it and one day… It starts to crash & get slow. This post gives you a nice list with the most well known problems that your prometheus can have.

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