Newsletter 4 – 07/2020


2020 Developer Survey – Results from 2020 developer survey by stack overflow, over 65k answers and great insights.

Teach Yourself Computer Science – If you want to be a self-taught engineer or want to became a better one, this is a collection of the best resources (books) that you can read. I read some of these books, and they’re awesome!

The Internet changes: HTTP/3 will not use TCP anymore – The HTTP/3 is coming and we need to pay attention for what’s coming. A new protocol (QUIC), and a big difference, everyone of us that works with web need to know the basics. A extremely important post.

Scaling Up With Elixir – Nice post describing how easy is to scale Elixir applications, it’s a little bit biased but worth reading.

Why the developers who use Rust love it so much – Rust is the number one most loved language in 2020 developers survey, this post brings opinions from different developers about Rust, interesting to know why they love it.

Understanding the Node.js event loop phases and how it executes the JavaScript code. – Node.js event loop is unique, this post explains very well how it works.

What is HTTP/3 and why is it needed? – HTTP/3 is coming and like last month I’ll recommend one post about it.

Why Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs matters – SICP is a legendary book, have been used for more than 25 years as introductory computer science book across the world. This post is not new, but it talks about the importance and why SICP matters.


PHP turns 25 – A great timeline made by Jet Brains about PHP history since its creation at 1995.

Create diagrams with code using Graphviz – Tutorial about how to create diagrams coding! Just use Graphviz!

Elixir Processes: Observability – Great revision about processes observability in Elixir.

You Want to Learn Rust but You Don’t Know Where to Start – If you want to learn Rust and doesn’t know where to start, here’s a good resource to you.

CO2 emissions on the web – Have you ever wondered that no optimized code that you produce reflects directly on CO2 emission?

Using Mnesia in an Elixir Application – Do you know that OTP has a database system? That system is Mnesia, let’s study it a bit.

Good Intentions on the Old-Timey Internet – Do you know the fun story behing the port 18 and the Character Generator Protocol?

Understanding the Rust Ecosystem – A collection of interesting links to learn more about rust ecosystem.

Tutorial / Projects

Building a DNS server in Rust

Create Your Own Programming Language with Rust

Tour of Rust

How to Write a Lexer in Go

Learning operating system development using Linux kernel and Raspberry Pi

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