Newsletter 36 – 02/2023


BIG DATA IS DEAD – Fabulous post, with many truths about the myth of “big data”, for most companies the big data era never arrived, and most of the existent datasets are over 1 TB of storage.

Is software getting worse? – IMO yes! And we need more posts like this, more people reasoning about the way and quality we’re building software today.

The technology behind GitHub’s new code search – Index and search on 115TB of code is not an easy task, the previous solution with ElasticSearch wasn’t working anymore, so they needed to create something new, this post describes how they did it.


The Case Against Monkey Patching, From a Rails Core Team Member – Monkey Patching is one of the most notable features of Ruby, but it’s dangerous when used without caution, and your code lives for years.

Whatever happened to Ruby? – Languages don’t die, can Ruby is an example. This post talks specifically about Ruby but can be with any not “hot” language.

A thorough team guide to RFCs – It’s important to define a decision-making process, RFC with its variations is the most used and known process for It. IMO it’s important to companies adopt It, to start registering and taking feedback on tech decisions.

Coding 102: Writing code other people can read – Many new people are starting to code, unfortunately, beginner courses never care about code quality. This post brings useful tips.

Three layers to secure a software development organization – Software needs to be secure, and applying simple concepts in the three layers of an organization can drastically reduce the chances of being attacked.

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