Newsletter 37 – 03/2023


GPT-4 – The new OpenAI model is released, better than GPT-3.5 in many tasks.

The age of cargo cult Agile must end. – Cargo cult agile is very common, and with this, many misconceptions about what is agile, and how an “agile company” must work comes. This age must end.

What Being a Staff Developer Means at Shopify – If you ask 10 people what Staff Developers do or should do, you’ll have 10 answers. Staff engineers are not only about coding but also about showing leadership, this post shows 4 things that this engineer should do.

Improving the Developer Experience with the Ruby LSP – This post is handy for understanding how LSP (Language server protocol) works, and how it is simple but challenging! The post also talks about Ruby’s new LSP, developed by Shopify.

De-cloud and de-k8s — bringing our apps back home – During the last few years the standard way to handle a tech company is to be cloud-first and use k8s, this post brings a different approach and vision. De-cloud and de-k8s, make things simpler and bring them home.

The age of average – This is offtopic, and not related to tech, but keeps interesting and worth read. This post makes me think a lot about all the things around me, have you noticed that everything is starting to look the same?


Twitter’s Recommendation AlgorithmTwitter open sourced its recommendation algorithm, and this post explains briefly it.

Managing high availability at Intercom – Intercom manages its high availability by embedding many different things into its culture.

The power of single-method interfaces in Go – Single-method interfaces (SMIs) can be more general and powerful than high-order functions to Go developers.

Opting In to Transparent Telemetry – In the last weeks it was happening a lot of discussions around putting simple telemetry around the Golang toolchain, this post talks about the final decision, to make it opt-in.

Introducing Service Weaver: A Framework for Writing Distributed Applications – Google released a new Go framework that allows you to write your Golang application as a monolith and deploy it as a microservice.

Tracking the Fake GitHub Star Black Market with Dagster, dbt and BigQuery – Github fake stars market is real (and I’m the last to know about it?) and in this post with some help, we can find repositories buying it.

Proposal: Structured Logging – The proposal to add structured logging to Go’s standard library was accepted and this post simple explains how it will be used when released.

The adapter pattern in Go – The adapter pattern in Go and dependency injection, will make your code more flexible and simple, and your test will become easier too. This concept can be applied in any language but is especially useful in Golang.

What’s different about these layoffs – What’s different about all these layoffs that the tech industry is facing?

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