Newsletter #1 – 04/2020

This is my first newsletter here, it was an old project that I was planning on the last 2 years, I’ll be posting the most interesting and useful/helpful things that I’ve read on the last month (On this edition I’ll be talking about March 2020).


This month people are talking a lot about COVID-19 pandemic and that’s not wrong, of course, most of the people are reading a lot about this, and to not leave it blank I’ll be recommending two posts here that was trending:

Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance – This is the most complete and trading article about COVID-19. I took some hours to read it completely with total attention, but it’s worth it. It has a lot of information, graphs and everything you need to know right now.

Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve” – Short and good post with simulations of how a virus spreads.

Featured Tech

Data-Oriented Architecture – Let’s understand what is Data-Oriented Architecture?

Write Unbreakable Python – This post talks about Python, but some concepts can help you in any language, it brings a lot of functional programming concepts to write code that never breaks.

10 Tips to Optimize Your DynamoDB Costs – Despite the question between use or not use dynamo, it can become very expensive in some cases, let’s see 10 tips to optimize its costs.

Millions of tiny databases – I can’t be made one newsletter without one of Acolyer’s posts, this paper is very funny and talk about how AWS engineering team built a key part of EBS.

A half-hour to learn Rust – This posts of 30 min try to explain to you many snippets of Rust code, it’s a good option to have an overview of the language in a top-level understanding.

Concurrent programming, with examples – A great post, it is a good beginner tutorial about POSIX Threads(pthreads), it’s a long read and needs to pay attention, but it’s worth it.

Misc Tech

I’ll ber recommending with two posts that are more “soft” and talks about history.

The History of the URL – An excellent post for those who love history, it talks about the history of the URL (as the title says), starting with ARPANET and the pains that motivated the creation of URL.

The life of a data byte – Let’s talk about how we are storing our information? This post makes a journey on what we were using to store information and what probably we’ll use in the future. I had never heard of these rope memory, have you?

For the electronics experts and homemade guys I recommend this post that blew my mind with the dream of building my own computer, and one who describes how one guy build his own fantastic local k8s cluster:

Build This 8-Bit Home Computer With Just 5 Chips
 – He made his own computer like the old times and talks about how he did it. I’m not an expert in electronics but the post is interesting.

Anatomy of my kubernetes cluster – This posts describes how to build a fantastic local k8s cluster with rasps.


How do Unix pipes work? – Let’s understand how the Unix pipe works with this short and simple post!

How (some) good corporate engineering blogs are written – Engineering blogs are is a topic that generates controversies in several companies, let’s see the process of blogging in companies with successful blogs?

Finding a problem at the bottom of the Google stack – A fun post describing how SRE engineers at Google found a hardware issue digging into a problem.

Writing a Ruby Gem Specification – A ruby world post, talking about how to write a good gem specification.

Database basics: writing a SQL database from scratch in Go – This is the beginning of a series of posts describing how to write a simple SQL database from scratch in Go (As the title says), it can be very interesting for those who love to know how things work.

Static Analysis in GCC10 – A blowing mind post talking about the static analysis present in GCC10 and the new warnings.

Illustrated Tales of Go Runtime Scheduler – An nice guide illustrated to understand how Go runtime Scheduler works and helps you write good concurrent go code.

How I start rust – Other good tutorial about how to start with Rust.

I want off Mr. Golang’s Wild Ride – A opined post about the ugly part of Go Language.

How Microsoft rewrote its C# compiler in C# and made it open source – Post about Roslyn the open-source C# compiler written in C#.

CURL WRITE-OUT JSON -> On the next version of Curl (will be avaible 29/04) we’ll have JSON output


Java 14 new features

Amazon ElastiCache Global Datastore for Redis

Morel: A functional language for data

npm is joining GitHub

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