Newsletter 7 – 10/2020

This month we have a lot of of good posts and great news. A good month for those who love to read.


Hacktoberfest 2020 – Don’t forget to do your registration to Hacktoberfest 2020 if you want to participate.

GitHub CLI 1.0 is now available – GitHub CLI can help you a lot, it can open PR, list issues, and review PRs! It looks amazing, and if you like me is a guy that loves doing everything from the terminal, you’ll love it.

WEB HISTORY by Jay Hoffmann – This series of posts is telling the web history and it’s fantastic for those who love tech history! Don’t wait to start reading because the posts are huge! The last post you can find here: Chapter 4: Search

The Life of a Data Byte I’ve recommended a similar post from the same author on my first newsletter, if you didn’t read yet, what are you waiting for? Just read it, it’s fantastic.

NVIDIA to Acquire Arm for $40 Billion, Creating World’s Premier Computing Company for the Age of AI – NVIDIA has acquired ARM. Recently good news is coming around ARM, on our August edition we already talked about it because Apple will start using ARM in its processors. This movement from NVIDIA put them in a nice position on IA development.

Supporting Linux kernel development in Rust – Post talking about the challenge of adopting Rust on Linux kernel development, including some points of may need attention. It’s a simple post with some parts technical.

If everyone hates it, why is OOP still so widely spread? – In recent years there has been much discussion around OOP and the rising of functional programming. This post takes a brief around some of the object-oriented advantages and historical background.

AVIF has landed – A new image format for the web was released and the quality of the images looks amazing.

Can one person run an open source project alone? – Every open source project has a governance model, the most famous model is BDFL, this fabulous post discuss some models, its advantages, and drawback. A good read for those who like or make contributions to open-source projects.

Under Deconstruction: The State of Shopify’s Monolith – A excellent post from Shopify engineering describing the current state of Shopify’s monolith deconstruction, for those who love a post with architectural things, it’s a delicious cake.

A Picture of Java in 2020 – A great report from JetBrains about java ecosystem in 2020.

Triage with Me – 11 issues & 2 PRs in 1.5 hours – If you are interested in start contributing to open source, triage issues/PRs can be a good place do start. In this video the creator of Code Triage shows how he do this task while recording everything, in 1.5 hours dealing with 11 issues and 2 PRs for a not well-known code base. This is a wonderful material.


Why I Actively Discourage Online Tooling like and Online JSON Validators – I always use online tools like JSON/YML validators. This post made me start thinking, and probably next time I’ll think twice before validating anything in this kind of service.

Seamlessly Swapping the API backend of the Netflix Android app – Netflix swapped the android app backend from a monolith service to a totally new microservice (written from the ground), and no user ever noticed the difference. This post explains how was the process of migrating and how they tested it to grant 100% compatibility.

Writing a Ractor-based web server – Ractor is finally coming and people are starting building things using it. This post describes how to implement a Ractor-based web server.

Database of Databases – Want to have a quick introduction to some database? This site offers a nice summary of any database.

Make A Language. Part One: A basic parser – A nice tutorial about writing your own language in Rust. This series of post in under development, but already looks amazing.

Where TDD falls short, find yourself a good REPL – TDD is awesome and everyone knows it (or should know), but sometimes you need some… complement, and the REPL is the right tool to help you TDD, especially when dealing with code that you don’t know.

Why senior engineers get nothing done – You don’t need exactly be a senior engineer, if you know a lot about some business of your company probably you start to get nothing done, because your time will be spent in other things. This post talks a bit about this problem that engineers face, and simple practices to help you.

Old, Good Database Design – This one it kind “back to basics”, it reviews some concepts around database constraints and why it’s necessary.

Interview with José Valim, creator of Elixir – A nice interview with Valim, the creator of Elixir. It was a very nice conversation and includes some curiosities about Elixir, like, where the name Elixir come from?

Simple & effective G1 GC tuning tips – If you work with Java applications, that post is for you! Simple and effective tunings to your G1 GC.

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