Newsletter 35 – 02/2023


We invested 10% to pay back tech debt; Here’s what happened – How to solve tech debts is a big discussion, and sometimes leads to conflicts between engineers and stakeholders, invest part of the team time to work only on tech debts is the most common way.

8 Hard Truths I learned when I got laid off from my SWE job – As we saw in the news in recent days, many tech-based companies are laying off, this is a very sensitive moment for every people who are suffering from this (Not only SWE), this post talks about 8 hard truths that the author learned when got laid off.

PEP 703 – Making the Global Interpreter Lock Optional in CPython – This PEP proposes adding a compile flag to remove GIL from python, its a draft but if approved can help Python developers in many ways, especially those involved with deep learning, and high processing applications.

Examples of problems with integers – Integers have their problems just like floats, but many engineers care only about floats’ problems, in this post, some real and cool examples of problems with integers.


PLATFORM ENGINEERING AS A STARTUP – The platform engineering teams need to be treated and behave like a company, with the product, leadership, customer success, and everything needed to maintain a company with a solid project.

Conversation Skills Essentials – Conversation skills are the most important skills for every developer, this post gives some essential techniques that you can apply to have good conversations, these tips are valuable and can help you talk with anyone.

26 programming languages in 25 days, Part 1: Strategy, tactics, and logistics – The author has solved each 2022 Advent of code exercise in one different programming language (solving one in two!), this is awesome, and in this post, he shares its strategies, thoughts, and logistics.

A Guide to the Terminal, Console, and Shell – A deep historical post about the first computers and how some aspects of the past still reflect in our operations systems design and how we call some things. For people who like history, a great post.

Managing Your Career Without a Manager – Many people have problems managing their careers without a manager, this post gives some tips that may help.

My First Code Commit in Ruby – Posts about first contributions to open source are always fascinating.

Ruby 3.2’s YJIT is Production-Ready – Some interesting news coming from Ruby’s YJIT (one of Ruby’s JIT), they successfully deployed it to production in one service and noticed ~10% of speedups, while other benchmarks noticed even more!

What Happens When A CPU Starts – What happens when your CPU receives energy?

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