Newsletter 34 – 01/2023


Building A Virtual Machine inside ChatGPT – This month many posts about ChatGPT was published, I don’t want to stress this topic even more, but this one is interesting.

From Zero to 50 Million Uploads per Day: Scaling Media at Canva – 50 Million uploads per day are huge, this post explains how Canva managed to handle It while dealing with MySQL reaching its limit, and migrating to another database.

How to make time for learning in tech – To be a great engineer is needed to continually invest in your knowledge, and keep studying over time is mandatory. Unfortunately, not all companies invest and give time to learn, and knowing some tricks to have this time is useful.

Hiring For Additivity“Echo Chambers” is a common problem for every company with some years of existence, this post talks about how Netflix hired “Additivity” to avoid this problem.


Visual Patterns to Improve Monitoring Dashboards – Knowledge of how to build good monitoring dashboards can help you in the future during a critical moment, some patterns and techniques from UX can be useful to build dashboards that really help.

A Gentler, Better Way to Change Minds – Arguing with someone who disagrees with you, is always hard, changing minds is even harder. The solution is to change the way that we present our values.

Tips for analyzing logs – Analyzing logs is a daily activity for almost all engineers, know how to search and analyze them is valuable, especially while searching for bugs or solving incidents.

Little Languages Are The Future Of Programming – A opinative post about little languages being the future of programming, today we have dozens of turning complete general purpose languages that are capable of doing anything if you code. But the future can be little languages that focus only on one task and do it with mastery, just like SQL.