Newsletter 33 – 12/2022


The hidden cost of complexity – Awesome post with a lot of nice short reflections about complexity. “We admire the complexity and avoid simplicity, while we should admire the simplicity and avoid complexity.”

What is a developer experience team? – DevEX is gaining space in many tech discussions, especially in mid-large companies. Knowing ways to start one of these teams from scratch, prioritize, and impact is always helpful.

How the clipboard works – Have you ever thought about how the clipboard actually Works? This post explains in a simple and intuitive way.

How Trying New Programming Languages Helped Me Grow as a Software Engineer – Learning new programming languages can always help you improve, learning different concepts, paradigms, patterns, and ways of solving problems.


Move faster, wait less: Improving code review time at Meta – The time that a code stands at the “code review stage” is crucial to improve the engineering team’s productivity and happiness. This post by Metas’s code review team, tells how they reduced this time.

Ruby concurrency is hard: how I became a Ruby on Rails contributor – A nice dive into a bug into a library (gem) that ended in fixing the same bug in many other gems!

The Real Problem with Go – A little “clickbait” title, but a fascinating discussion about how Go (and any other OSS) can improve not only the technical part but also the process of getting reviews and contributions merged.

(Re)building Threat Detection and Incident Response at LinkedIn – A interesting post talking about how a large company as Linkedin with over 850M customers, rebuilt its threat detection and incident response.

An Inside Look at MS-DOS – A old doc about how MS-DOS works, with tons of interesting things about file formats, memory allocation, FAT, and all these operations system stuff.