Newsletter 31 – 09/2022


Memory Management in Python – Correctly understanding how languages work, and especially memory management is always useful. This post explains very easily some concepts of Python and how it manages its memory.

What is Python’s “self” Argument, Anyway? – Python self argument is on every Python programmer’s daywork, but have you ever wondered why it exists?

Why Racket? Why Lisp? – Racket is a LISP-family language, and unfortunately, as all LISPy languages, are not very popular. Yes, this is another post trying to explain why use LISP and what is so great in this family of languages.


The many problems with implementing Single Sign-On – Developing a singles sign-on feature on your product can be harder than you think. This kind of feature is essential in B2B and needs attention.

This is not your grandfather’s Perl – Perl has a great culture of maintaining backward compatibility between versions, and a script written in 1994 is still able to run in most recent versions, this culture leads to a false impression that Perl isn’t changing or releasing new features. This post shows up that Perl is changing and keeps releasing new things.

Monitoring our monitoring: how we validate our Prometheus alert rules – Cloudflare released pint a new and open source Prometheus rules lint/validator, It comes with a Nice set of checks and can be helpful.

Go runtime: 4 years later – Go runtime is always getting better and faster, many times silently. This post shows how much it has changed in the last 4 years.

Software I’m thankful for – Everybody has software (or some) that is grateful for its existence.