Newsletter 30 – 08/2022


Redis Explained – Nowadays Redis is almost mandatory for software engineers, this post is fantastic to understand it better. It explains Redis internals, deploy types, and many interesting distributed systems concepts.

WHY YOUR WEBSITE SHOULD BE UNDER 14KB IN SIZE – A website with under 14kb loads much faster than a website with 15KB, and the reason is on TCP specification.

Performance comparison: counting words in Python, Go, C++, C, AWK, Forth, and Rust – Count words from a given input looks like a easy programming problem, but this post goes beyond and solves this problem in many programming languages not only in the easy way, but in the optimized way! Explaining why of these optimizations for each language. Fascinating!


How to interrogate unfamiliar code – Deal with unknown code is a task that scares many developers, how do you understand what’s going on? This post gives excellent tricks to understanding codebases.

How to Choose the Right Python Concurrency API – Choose which concurrency API has become common in a developer’s life, this post gives help choosing it in Python.

Easy memory-saving tricks in Go – Three easy memory savings tricks to start doing in Go, and start doing your premature optimizations.

How I Found a Go Issue on ARM that Crashed the Database Server – A simple and objective walkthrough on figuring out and reporting a issue on Go.