Newsletter 27 – 05/2022


Lisp interpreter in Rust – A guide about How to write our own Lisp interpreter in Rust.

Programming languages are platforms, not products – Have you ever thought about how often programming languages need to ship new features?

Breaking the Monolith at Twitch: Part One – Histories about large migrations and technical decisions are always worth reading. This is no exception! Twitch broke its Rails monolith into Go microservices some time ago, and this post talks about it. Part two you find here.

Founding Uber SRE – History about the foundation of first Uber SRE team.

Our Experience Porting the YJIT Ruby Compiler to Rust – Shopify engineers ported their YJIT compiler from C to Rust, a fascinating post desbribing their experience doing it.


Changing one character wildly improved our application’s performance – Engineers from Segment changed one character at a sorting algorithm and increased the performance of their trace system by 3.3x.

8 best practices for optimizing Lambda functions – Optimize your lambda functions cost, can save you good money at the end of the month.

Learnings from 5 years of tech startup code audits – This post describe learnings (specially code security ones) about 5 years of audits in startups code.

An Introduction to Polymorphism in Ruby on Rails – Polymorphism os a dificut concept, mostly in dynamic typed languages, this posts explains this concept in Ruby, and Rails.

Memory Management in Python – Part 1: What Are Pointers? – When you start to code dynamic typed languages is dificult to understand and see what is happening behind the scenes with your data, where is the pointers working. This post explains it.

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