Newsletter 26 – 04/2022


What I learned from making a DNS client in Rust – We can learn a lot from building small toy projects, this inspiring post describes the great experience of building a DNS client from skatch.

Why Ruby has Symbols – Most of the newcomers to the Ruby world doesn’t understand why Ruby has symbols, how It works or when use It. This tutorial goes deep explaining them.

Code Ranges: A Deeper Look at Ruby Strings – A deeper look at how Ruby deals with so much string encondings.

When To Use Generics – Go has released its generics support, but you may wonder, when use It? This guide is for you.


A Deep Dive Into the Four Types of Prometheus Metrics – Know how to use and when to use each type of Prometheus metrics can be useful.

Go Developer Survey 2021 Results – Go developer survey 2021 results.

Writing for Engineers – Tips to write better, note only for engineers, but some tricks described xan help tou write everything.

The complete guide to protecting your APIs with OAuth2 (part 1) – OAuth2 its a important specification used worldwide to authenticate APIS. This initial guide describes the concept behind It.

How SHA-256 Works Step-By-Step – Posts describing how famous algorithms works are always interesting. This post is no exception, let’s code it after!

Newsletter 25 – 03/2022


What is Developer Experience? a roundup of links and goodness – Great post with a lot of useful links to study more about DX aka Developer Experience.

Ruby Fiber Scheduler – Released with Ruby 3, the FiberScheduler interface allows you to do parallel operations without framework and easily.

Go 1.18 is released! – This wouldn’t be a newsletter from the previous month if I didn’t talk about Go 1.18 new version, introducing generics, the most wanted and awaited feature in Go, in the last years.

An Introduction To Generics – Go has released its version with generics, and this tutorial is a nice starting point to understand it.


Optimizing Memory Usage in Python Applications – Optimization posts are always awesome, this one focuses specifically on memory optimization on Python applications.

Please put units in names – This post has gained my attention, with a wonderful example it brings a nice idea related to clean code, put units in names!

Turbo Rails Tutorial – A nice tutorial about building reactive single-page applications with turbo-rails, a library now included by default in Rails 7. With this lib, you can write single-page applications without writing javascript.

Python built-in functions to know – Every language has its built-in functions, knowing the most used is always good.

How to design better APIs – A collection of rules and short tips to design better APIs.

Jaeger Tracing: A Friendly Guide for Beginners – A nice first step to Jaeger tracing and OpenTelemetry, with a friendly introduction and code examples.

Why We Write Everything in Go – Bitly writes almost everything in Go, and this post explains why.