Newsletter 23 – 01/2022

How We Saved 70K Cores Across 30 Mission-Critical Services (Large-Scale, Semi-Automated Go GC Tuning @Uber) – Yes, another awesome post about performance tunning. At this amazing post, we understand (as the title says) how Uber saved 70K cores from 30 aplicativo tunning Go’s GC. It also talks about importante GC metrics and concepts.

My first impressions of web3 – Web3, NFTs, descentralized web and all these stuffs has been gaining attention recently, but are all these stuffs really something new or progression? This post from Signal creator, takes a deep dive on It and found interesting questions and problems.

Roblox Return to Service 10/28-10/31 2021 – I love postmortems with transparency about what occurred, this is one of those! Roblox experienced a 73-hour outage that affected up to 50 million players, and they shared what occurred, attempts, root causes and improvements.


Profiling and Analyzing Performance of Python Programs – Post about performance tunning, but this time in Python and not only about GC. You’ll understand how to indentify bottlenecks and some useful solutions and approach.

Why might you run your own DNS server? – Have you thought about tunning your own DNS server? This post explains good DNS concepts and reasons why you might want run your own DNS server.

Erlang: the coding language that finance forgot – Erlang is a powerful language that unfortunatelyis forgotten by many companies, but, is admired by many developers.

eBPF – The Future of Networking & Security – eBPF is one of the hyped tech trends of the moment, and this posts explains what it is and some historical background.

How eBPF will solve Service Mesh – Goodbye Sidecars – Nice technical post about how eBPF can solve the sidecar problem of service mesh.