Newsletter 22 – 12/2021

When to Use Generics in Go?Go 1.18 Beta 1 is available, with generics and this post explains when to use this fresh new feature.

How not to learn Rust – Learning Rust is a hard task and knowing some common mistakes that people usually does can help you to have better first steps in this language not famous to be friendly in the first view.

Let’s Write a Game Boy Emulator in Python – Emulators are always fun 🙂 Why not write one in Python?

Rails 7 released – The legendary framework got its new major version.

Why Story-Driven Learning Can Help You Master Any Subject – I learn things easily and am more motivated with story-driven learning, I think it’s worth learning more about this technique, and test to see if it could help you.

Mess with DNS! – Learning DNS is always a hard task, you need to have a domain, create DNS records, and all this stuff. This post author created a fantastic site built to help you understand more this protocol, worth taking a look at it. The post also explains the site behind the scenes.

Recurse Center Day 24: Hacking Go compiler to add a new keyword – Fantastic post explaining how to add a new keyword to the go compiler, the author created vah as an alias to var and it worked! If you’re passionate to languages design and compilers, this post is for you!

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