Newsletter 19 – 09/2021


Towards a psychologically safe environment – Psychologically safe environment is a key to your team and companies success, not only in blameless culture but in all kinds of daily tasks and conversations with other people.

Best books on modern distributed systems – Excellent hacker news thread about modern distributed systems books.

The Case for ‘Developer Experience’ – As the technical complexity and the number of developers growing, developer experience raises as an important topic to discuss.

How I patched Python to include this great Ruby feature – Incredible post, the author described how patched Python to include a Ruby feature! Great post to learn about Python internals and how you can patch it to add new small features like that.

Python behind the scenes #13: the GIL and its effects on Python multithreading – This series of posts is awesome! I already recommended previous posts of this series, and I’ll keep recommending them! Check this new post, this time talking about GIL and its effects on Python.

Understanding AWK  – AWK is a useful tool to know, this post is a nice place to get started.


Ruby is Still a Diamond – Ruby is stills a diamond, and this post brings everything nice that it has 🙂

Sidecar Pattern – Good introduction to sidecar Pattern.

Monitoring Alerts That Don’t Suck – A simple guide about how to build and maintains a simple alert system, it’s not heavy technical but brings meaningful concepts.

Rails 7.0 Alpha 1: New JavaScript Answers, At-Work Encryption, Query Origin Logging, Zeitwerk Exclusively – Rails 7 alpha version released.

Secure integrations with Circuit Breaker in Go – Circuit breaker is a must-have when dealing with distributed service, not only in Go but in all languages.

Sid Meier and the Meaning of “Civilization” – Interesting text about the famous game “Civilization” and the history of its creator, Sid Meier. It’s not interesting only for his game fans but for every fan of games and the read about the history of computation.

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