Newsletter 18 – 08/2021


Got game? Secrets of great incident management – Incident management is a critical process in every company, this post brings in a funny way the concept of game days for training incident management.

A great list of computer science papers to read – 13 papers about computer science to read. This list looks interesting and I’ll read! Check it out.

2021 Developer Sourvey – 2021 StackOverflow’s developer sourvey results is available, a lot of interesting insights about tech industry.

How we deal with technical incidents – Let’s talk about incident management, this post written by me talks about how we’re dealing with incident management at Nubank and how blameless culture empowers it.


Why we killed elixir – It’s always worth to read about different point of views, this post brings an opinion of why a team choose to stop using Elixir to use Go.

Can GitHub Copilot Crack a Facebook Coding Interview? – GitHub has gaining a lot of spotlights recently and this post gained my attention, it explores how Copilot can help you on Facebook coding interview.

Common Anti-Patterns in Go Web Applications – This post brings common anti-patterns to Go web applications but contents like that can be useful for programmers of any language. Check it.

Getting Started with Systems Programming with Rust (Part 1) – Nice tutorial to get started to system programming in Rust (It already have a part 2). If you’re interested in system programming, this post is for you.

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