Newsletter 15 – 06/2021


Everything you need to know about DynamoDB Partitions – Want to learn more about DynamoDB and how its partitions work? This post is for you!

Everything is broken, and it’s okay – Its impossible to have a system that will not fail, failure is okay and expected, dont be sad about a crash. This post brings a nice point of view about failures, crashes and etc. Its worth read and reflect about it.

How We Manage New York Times Readers’ Data Privacy – Data privacy laws are being approved across the world, and it’s being a common topic in developers life and we’ll be forever! In this post NYT shares how they’re dealing with it.

History of RSpec – A post about the history of RSpec in its early days. Steven R. Baker shares why it was created, the ideas behind it, lessons learned, and much more. If you like tests you should read it.

The Plan for the Rust 2021 Edition – Rust 2021 edition is scheduled for release in October! Let’s learn what’s new and what is a Rust Edition (If you don’t know).

Extreme HTTP Performance Tuning: 1.2M API req/s on a 4 vCPU EC2 Instance – A dense post with a lot of technical things to study and blow your mind. This post explains how the author optimized a server from 224k req/s to 1.2M req/s. Enjoy.

The Unix Magic poster – If you are seeking a nice poster to your house of something like this, and you love UNIX… HERE’S the solution, look at this!


A brief history of Rust at Facebook – A brief history of Rust at Facebook, who it started, and who it’s going.

One Year of Elixir: How it compares to Ruby – After 1 year of working with Elixir coming from Ruby background, the author shares what liked on Elixir and missing things from Ruby.

Cider, instagram’s performance oriented fork of CPython – Facebook just launched a fork of CPython with a lot of performance optimizations. Spoiler: This is not supported.

The data model behind Notion’s flexibility – One of the most fascinating things about Notion is how we can do everything and build pages as we need, just putting this together like Lego blocks, let’s understand how notion works behind scenes with this post.

Plotting the source code “TODO” history of the most popular open source projects – Just a fun and interesting post, the author plotted the count of TODOS around time on famous open source projects.

Half a million lines of Go – Khan academy have migrated its entire backend python 2 monoliths to Go services and in this post they shares, its learnings.

Elixir v1.12 released – Elixir v1.12 released, check it.

Why (and how) GitHub is adopting OpenTelemetry – GitHub is adopting OpenTelemetry, this short post explains a little about it.

A Color Coded Guide to Ports and Adapters – A colored and simple guide to ports and adapters pattern.

The Easiest Way to Debug Kubernetes Workloads – A new command focused on help you debug your pod problem on k8s is coming, kubectl debug. With this command allowed you can debug distro less containers more easily, just injecting an ephemeral container on it.