Newsletter 13 – 04/2021


How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70% – A great post that hitted top of HN and got shared on all groups, the author describes how cut GTA online loading times by 70% and got rewarded by Rockstar games. The post contains nice steps among debugging and reverse engineering the famous game. Must read!

AWS Fault Injection Simulator – AWS has launched AWS Fault Injection Simulator (FIS), a new service that will help you perform chaos engineering in our cloud with few clicks.

How we found and fixed a rare race condition in our session handling – Probably you were logged out from GitHub on March 8th, due to a rare race condition problem in its sessions, this post explains what happened.

Splitting the ping – Ping is a popular tool that almost all developers already used one time, but it only tells you the time for a packet reach and backs a remote server it didn’t tell you the time taken to reach the server and goes back separately. In this post, a developer talks about how created a tool to measure this, called sping.

Crystal 1.0 Released – Crystal is a promising language, if you already don’t know it, its a language that looks like Ruby syntax (pretty nice) with type safety and fast as C! It finally released it version 1.0. You should check it.

Ruby Garbage Collection Deep Dive: Generational Garbage Collection – Do you like or want to understand how a garbage collector works? This author is writtin a exceptional series of post (and a book) about it. It is using ruby’s one as example but its useful for any language. This post explains how generational garbage collection works, and the seies already has other tw post than you can check here.


A TAXONOMY OF TECH DEBT – A wonderful post from Riot games blog, the author talks about some kind of “framework” for technical debit prioritization and is different from the common “impact”/”cost”, it also talks about types of debt. It’s now a new post, but it worth reading at all.

Challenges with distributed systems – This AWS Engineer shares with us some problems and challenges that we face when developing distributed systems.

How Elixir Lays Out Your Data in Memory – A nice post about how elixir stores your data in memory.

Clojure from Schemer’s perspective – People usually think that every lisp dialect is the same language, this post talks about Clojure from Schemer’s perspective, you can learn a lot about its similarities and differences.

How to be more productive without forcing yourself – Some people have problems feeling productive and fun, usually at their work. This post has a controversial solution, you must read and take your own doubts about it. Here’s the hackernews topic.

Improving large monorepo performance on GitHub – GitHub substantially improved monorepos performance, in this post the author describes what changed, is a good oportunity to learn how GitHub works under the hood too.

How to Read ARM64 Assembly Language – If you like me always wanted to learn assembly languages, this post explains the basic about ARM64.

Ethernet and IP Networking 101 (Heavily Illustrated) – A nice post (with a lot of drawings, that I loved <3) to review (and understand) some concepts about Ethernet and IP Networking. Loved it

What Does a Database Administrator Actually Do? – Are you curious about what a database administrator (the famous DBA) does? This is a interesting post to read

Rust vs. Go: Why They’re Better Together – Yet another great comparison between rust and go, and why they’re a lot of better together.

SQLite is not a toy database – Many people think SQLite is a toy or a joke, but it contains many useful features that particularly didn’t know, like math statistics or import csv directly. This post explains some useful features of SQLite that can be useful to you too.

Darker Corners of Go – This post explains things that looks different or can trap a new go developer, it lists a lot of things and can be used as a go tutorial if you want too. Did you know that golang operator precedence is different from most languages? Check it out.

Practical Go Lessons – Free ebook with practical go lessons

The Ultimate Go Notebook – Other free go book, this one is still in development but you already can read and give reviews and comments.