Newsletter 12 – 03/2021


Directory of Pragmatic Programmer Books on Medium – One of the most iconic tech publishers posted all books on Medium, so if you have a medium membership you can read it! – A post describing why you should write an document in your open source project, its short, objective, and provides an example.

Automating my job by using GPT-3 to generate database-ready SQL to answer business questions – GPT-3 power is shocking us, in a previous issue of this newsletter we already talked about how it generated a #1 post, and now this post describes how to use GPT-3 to generate SQL queries for questions asked in English. Must check it out.

Nx (Numerical Elixir) is now publicly available – Project Nx, it stands for “Numerical Elixir” it brings a unique numerical mode to Elixir along with GPU support. It’s heavily inspired by NumPy.

My Philosophy on Alerting – A nice document about how to deal with alerts, how to write a good one, and keep your on-call rotation happier.

Go is not an easy language – Is not hard to read people calling Go a easy language, but I totally agree with this post, Go is easy to understand, but to master it and do really useful things, you need time, and it’s a hard language.

Python behind the scenes #8: how Python integers work – This is the eighth post of this series and it talks about how python integers work, if you want to understand how python works behind scenes, this is a good series, you can find the other post of the series here.

Python Concurrency: The Tricky Bits – Do you know the difference between threads and processes in python? This post explains in an easy way (and with good examples) the difference between each one, and when to use each option.


Making Vaccine -Do you know that exists an open-source vaccine named radvac? This post describes a little bit of the experience of this guy building his own vaccine. This post is not technical, but interesting, and maybe dangerous :eyes:

The best books to start, or improve your Elixir career – A curated list with the best books to read to learn elixir in every level of knowledge, novice to experienced.

Why Wasn’t Ruby 3 Faster? – Many people are saying that Ruby 3 failed in its promise of being 3x faster than Ruby 2, that post the author thinks it’s not and explains why.

The state of Go – A nice survey about the state of Go language, number of developers, regions, companies, and much more, everything with an opinion of a Go specialist developer.

Getting better at Linux with 10 mini-projects – Ten projects to get better in Linux, this post describes nice projects to your code and learn Linux concepts, like permissions, grep, and much more.

Go 1.16 released – New go version was released, with faster build time, ARM (mac) fully supported, and embedded files!

Understanding SQL JOIN – A back to basics post to understand how SQL Joins work.

Top 3 Kafka Books and Tutorials – if you just like me want to start studying Apache Kafka, this post brings three nice books and three nice online tutorials.