Newsletter 9 – 12/2020


The Code That Controls Your Money – COBOL runs a lot of software in the world (and probably still running your money), the language is not dying and we don’t have new programmers learning how to program it. This (long) post talks about the history of COBOL, how it changed the world, how and who still use it, and why the leak of COBOL progressions may be a problem.

Edsger Dijkstra, The Man Who Carried Computer Science on His Shoulders – Almost everybody knows who is Dijkstra and his famous shortest path algorithm, this post is a very detailed post about his history, his contributions, and everything.

New courses on distributed systems and elliptic curve cryptography – Martin Kleppmann author of the famous book “Designing Data-Intensive Applications”, published an 8-lecture course on distributed systems, and a tutorial on elliptic curve cryptography. I already started to watch and it’s awesome.

How Facebook is bringing QUIC to billions – HTTP/3 and QUIC are coming, and Facebook already deployed it to all Facebook and Instagram traffic, this post describes how did they do that and effects.

Fast Inverse Square Root – An excellent (but still hard) post explaining the fast inverse square root algorithm and hot it works, famous for its use on Quake III Arena, it was much faster than sqrt().

You may not need Redis with Elixir – This post written by José Valim, the Elixir creator, explains why in some occasions you may not need a Redis while working with Elixir, BEAM already solves most of the problems.

Rust vs Go – Rust and Go are both awesome and this post talks about each, each advantage of each language, and when you may want to use each one.

What’s so great about Go? – A simple post talking about go advantages, if you don’t know about golang or want to learn about it, check it.


The Grand Unified Theory of Software Architecture – Great post about software architecture, examples are written in python but it’s relevant for any language.

Deprecating scp – OpenSSH community has considered scp deprecated, but replace it will be a hard task, it has an incredible way to use it.

Introducing Amazon SNS FIFO – First-In-First-Out Pub/Sub Messaging – AWS released its FIFO service for SNS to preserve messages order.

Announcing .NET 5.0 – .NET 5.0 is released with a lot of new things, C# 9, F# 5, and much more.

Designing Raspberry Pi 400 – Raspberry Pi 400 is a new product from raspberry that already has a built-in keyboard and comes with a mouse, it’s perfect! This post describes the process of developing it and prototyping.

Moving my serverless project to Ruby on Rails – In the last few years, you probably have read a lot of blog posts about ” moving my application to serverless” but this post is different, it’s talking about moving an application from serverless to old but gold Rails.

How fast are Ractors – Some speed tests around Ractors, the new actor-based concurrent model of Ruby that will be shipped with Ruby 3 this month.

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